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Every year, the number of foreign students in Canada has been increasing gradually. This is proving to be one of the best routes for candidates seeking permanent residency. You can apply to study in Canada as an international student. We can help recommend schools for your desired program of study.

International students who complete post-secondary education in Canada have multiple opportunities to extend their stay and eventually transition to permanent residence

Candidates who have studied in Canada may be at an advantage when it comes to pursuing Canadian permanent residence. Candidates with Canadian education and work experience may qualify for many federal and provincial nomination programs.

General Requirements for obtaining a study permit:

Proof of Acceptance: Letter of acceptance, will carry a unique number called DLI Designated Learning Institute

IELTS Results- Must not be more than 2 years old

Payment of Fees at the DLI

Financial proof to demonstrate to have enough funds to support yourself in Canada

Medical examination to demonstrate good health

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